Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Cardiff Booze Ban not WRU's best idea

Apparently the WRU are planning to ban alcohol on a trial basis, creating a "dry" section in the Principality Stadium for the November autumn internationals.

The booze ban follows various reports of drunken fan behaviour including supporters in the stadium being showered with beer and, in one instance, "a tirade of foul language" being directed at disabled man.

The WRU are dressing the ban up as “customer choice” – but what about those fans who are perfectly capable to going to a match, having a few beers and behaving perfectly responsibly?

Surely the obvious response to the misbehaviour would be to adopt a zero tolerance approach to the idiots who behave so obnoxiously and boorishly…?

Or are the WRU effectively saying that, other than in a small section of the stadium, getting utterly shitfaced and acting like an total twat is now deemed acceptable?

And what's to stop someone getting tanked up at the pub before the game and then behaving like a complete wazzock in the sober section of the stadium?

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