Thursday, 20 September 2018

Pull the other one, Eddie

Eddie Jones' comment that Danny Cipriani has been left out of the 36 man England training squad announced today "100%" on rugby grounds is, at best, disingenuous.

Let's be honest, I've long been critical of Cipriani's off-field antics and, fair enough, I could comfortably get behind a decision to leave him out of the squad for behaving like a wazzock.

But for Jones to claim that Cipriani is currently only England's "third or fourth choice" fly-half is, quite frankly, utter nonsense given the Gloucester outside-half's spectacular early season form and the fact that he is (or was) England's incumbent no.10.

The decision, and the reasons given for it, does the credibility of Eddie Jones amongst England rugby followers (and, surely, amongst the squad) no favours whatsoever.


Peter Franklin said...

I can only hope that, as has happened in the past, this training squad bears only a passing resemblance to the autumn international squad. Perhaps this is a ploy by Jones to exhort Cipriani to even greater effort. I also hope Cips keeps his nose clean. I’m a hopeful feller really.

Mike on a bike said...

And several days later, Scott W the attack coach now says what Eddie perhaps ought to have

(From the Guardian)

“Danny is still in the mix,” Wisemantel said. “He’s not here but we only needed two fly-halves as it’s a short camp. By no means is Danny scrapped.

“The guy has got X-factor, he’s got talent. There’s no doubt about it. Teams [such as New Zealand] are going to score points so you have to match it. Penalties probably ain’t going to stack up when they score three tries. John Mitchell as defence coach may debate that, saying maybe we’ll only concede one which would be fantastic, but you do have to look to score tries against them.”

Confusion rules....