Thursday, 10 January 2019

Rugby safety - FFR to lead the way

I'm really pleased to see that the French Rugby Federation is making an effort regarding player safety by announcing a global forum in March alongside World Rugby to discuss player health and the evolution of the game's laws.

This follows the death of a fourth young French player in the last eight months - 23 year old student Nathan Soyeux having passed away in Dijon last week having been hospitalised following a tackle in a match at a student tournament in November.

Soyeux became the fourth young French player since May to die after being injured during a match, following the tragic deaths of Stade Francais youth flanker Nicolas Chauvin (18) in December, Aurillac's 21 year old Louis Fajfrowski in August and 17-year-old Adrien Descrulhes in May while playing for amateur club Billom. 

We all know that rugby has its risks, but four fatalities in eight months is just shocking. Something has to change - so well done to the FFR for taking the lead...

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