Monday, 11 February 2019

Women's Six Nations 2019 - England at a canter

This year's Women's Six Nations now looks to be a forgone conclusion with England sitting at the top of the table having scored a grand total of 15 tries in their first two fixtures - against Ireland and France (last year's champions).

With England's remaining fixtures being, with respect, against weaker opponents in Wales, Italy and Scotland, it is difficult to see anything other than the championship heading England's way.

This is, of course, to be expected given that the English women are the only full-time professional squad in the Six Nations.

And while professionalism is obviously currently great for England's women, I'm not sure that such disparity in standards is at all healthy, both in terms of the overall quality of the competition or, indeed, for the long-term development of the England team.

What is needed is greater competition and quality throughout with overall standards raised, and it is incumbent on the powers that be to explore how such an ambition might be funded.

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