Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Wales Rugby: "Project Reset" a huge distraction

The timing of “Project Reset” – a plan to merge the Ospreys and the Scarlets into one West Wales entity – could not really have been worse.

The plan itself – which would still leave four professional teams in Wales with the proposed (risky) introduction of a team into North Wales – is a little baffling given that Ospreys and Scarlets have in recent years tended to be the more successful of the teams in Wales and there appear to be no equivalent plans to merge Cardiff Blues and the Dragons into an East Wales outfit.

Whatever the merits, however, to be discussing this so openly and publicly in the middle of the Six Nations has to be hugely distracting for a Welsh squad who are three fifths on their way to a Grand Slam.

I suspect Warren Gatland will not be a happy bunny.

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