Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Time for Billy Vunipola to say sorry

Is a formal reprimand, issued to Billy Vunipola by both the RFU and Saracens for him expressing his support for Israel Folau's homophobic social media post, sufficient punishment?

I think so. As a "first offence" I believe the response is both appropriate and proportionate. I do think, however, that it ought to be accompanied by a proper apology from Vunipola.

This has not yet been forthcoming. Merely stating that his intention was "never to cause suffering" is insufficient. There's a big difference between saying "I didn't mean any harm" and "I'm sorry for what I said."

Vunipola continues, like Folau, to hide behind "the word of God."

That's simply not good enough. Vunipola needs to learn from this and move on. He also needs to do the right thing.

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