Monday, 23 September 2019

Rugby World Cup - opening salvo

A few brief thoughts from the opening weekend of Rugby World Cup games:

🏉Japan - overly anxious and frenetic opener against Russia but I still fancy them to turn over one of Scotland or Ireland.

🏉Rees Hodge - given the (justifiable) fuss made by World Rugby in relation to high tackles prior to the tournament, how wasn't that a red card? Yes he's been cited, but how does that help Fiji?

🏉France remain impossibly schizophrenic.

🏉Ireland were, well, Ireland. Scotland were Scotland. Result inevitable.

🏉England - on the strength of that performance no other contender will be having sleepless nights.

🏉New Zealand v South Africa - odds on that we've seen the dress rehearsal for the final.

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