Wednesday, 4 September 2019

(Some) Women to go pro

Another leap forward for Women's Rugby in England with news breaking this week that some Premier 15s clubs will be paying their players during the coming season.

Both Saracens and Worcester will be paying players from this season, the Saracens' package apparently consisting of a combination of retainers and match fees, whilst Worcester, who have finished bottom of the Premier 15s for the last two seasons, will pay just match fees.

Payments will be on top of the money earned by England players under their RFU contracts - thus allowing certain players to be, effectively, fully professional.

The clubs involved are to be applauded for their enlightened approach to taking the women's game to the next level.

A note of caution, however - just as there is a danger of an unlevel playing field at international level, with England the only professional team in the Six Nations, so the club game needs to guard against the gap widening between perceived haves and have nots.

Saracens are already double Premier15s champions and the decision to pay players will hardly reduce their status as odds-on favourites to repeat the trick this coming season. If the ultimate goal is to create a vibrant, competitive and successful domestic women's league in this country then serious thought does need to be given as to how such ambition can be funded across the board.

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