Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dear Eddie Jones...

Dear Eddie

There have been times, especially during the dark days of 2018, when I have questioned the direction in which you were taking your England team and when talk of being the no.1 team in the world and of winning the World Cup seemed utterly fanciful at best and seriously delusional at worst.

I have questioned selections, I have questioned tactics and I have questioned training methods.

I take it all back.

Yesterday's utterly dominant performance against the All Blacks was, quite simply, one for the ages. New Zealand are a seriously great rugby team and yet were made to look ordinary. At no stage did they ever really look like scoring and, but for one mis-thrown lineout, would almost certainly have scored no points at all. That's how much of a stranglehold your team had on the game. It was simply brilliant.

No matter what happens now, whoever England face in the final and whatever the outcome, that one performance against New Zealand will forever define your era as England Head Coach.

Well done Eddie.

Yours sincerely

Total Flanker

PS - whoever it was that whispered in your ear that it might be worth combining Sam Underhill and Tom Curry on the flanks for England must be in line for a seriously humongous bonus.

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