Tuesday, 8 October 2019

England: Focus on France

The school of thought that suggests that it might be a good idea for England to lose to France this Saturday, thus coming 2nd in their Pool and avoiding a possible semi-final against New Zealand, is a school that deserves to fail any OFSTED inspection miserably.

If England have any realistic ambitions to be World Champions they simply have to aim to win all of their matches, no matter the opposition. 

Plotting a more strategic route to the final, while all very clever in theory, would still mean getting past (probably) Wales and South Africa. Hardly easy, especially once that elusive winning momentum has been sacrificed.

No, England's sole focus for now has to be on beating France any which way they can. Then, and only then, should they turn their attention to their next opponents, whoever they may be. 

Eddie - pick the strongest team available to you to play the French - you know it makes sense.

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