Saturday, 2 November 2019

Congratulations South Africa

Just too good for England today.


Rouge9 said...

Feel so sad, for the boy's mainly. Watched with my 14 year old daughter who loves the game,(and mainly Anthoney Watson), and felt queezy from the Sinkler KO onwards.

Maybe Gatland was right and we gave all we had last week. Still, the future is bright, our best players are very young. Imagine an experienced front row of Genge, George and Sink in 4 years time? Pack captain Itoje and a quality s/h.

Think we should stick with Eddie though.

Keeping my comments here rather than the hostile Guardian, BBC and Telegraph because you talk a lot of sense.

TotalFlanker said...

..."because you talk a lot of sense" - NEVER been accused of that before!!

I think you're right - the future's bright.

Ken said...