Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Saracens accept sanctions

I'd like to think that that the statement by Saracens that the club will not contest the recent ruling of the independent panel in relation to salary cap breaches will draw a line under the whole sorry saga.

I'd like to think so, but I doubt it will happen.

If it is true that the independent panel accepted that the club have “not deliberately sought to circumvent the regulations” - then the £5m+ fine and 35 point deduction remains, for me, utterly draconian and vindictive.

It seems that the club has, however, decided to accept the punishment in the hope that both they and the English domestic game can move on.

There will still be those who will continue to bang on about "systematic cheating" and demand that Sarries be stripped of their titles won. Perhaps, however, those people should start looking closer to home before making such demands.

And, Saracens being such a close-knit bunch, it wouldn't surprise me at all if their England contingent decided to put club before country this coming Six Nations to try to help ensure Premiership survival.


Rouge9 said...

Think I've mentioned I'm a Wasps fan and it feels quite odd that I think Saracens are being dealt with harshly! I've left a comment on the Guardian hys recommending the partisan and unqualified opinion stops but another 900 whiners felt the need to express their communal indignation! I would also say, before I am a Wasp I am an England devotee and, like Eddie can see consequences arising from this situation. Bet the same whiners blame Saracens when England struggle! Think it might help if the press move on to a new story but probably little chance of that!

TotalFlanker said...

The thing is, Premiership Rugby has now set a precedent, so I would imagine that there are a few nervous FDs at a number of Premiership clubs right now.