Thursday, 12 December 2019

Lions in jeopardy?

Much is being made about Premiership Rugby's refusal to bring forward the date of its final in 2020-21, thus further hampering the already tight preparation time for the British and Irish Lions ahead of the South Africa tour next summer.

Many make the point that such intransigence jeopardises the future of such a commercially lucrative enterprise as the Lions.

My point is this: if the Lions is so commercially lucrative then the answer is relatively simple. Either:

- simply make Premiership Rugby a financial offer they can't refuse; or

- demand that the host nation (in this case South Africa, but it applies equally to New Zealand and Australia) - who benefit hugely from the income generated by more than 30,000 travelling fans - create a tour itinerary which allows for sufficient preparation time.

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Rouge9 said...

I must admit I have always thought of the Lions as the same form of entertainment as the Barbarians and nowhere near as important as the Prem or England, 6 Nations or W/C. Sorry, it's just the way I feel. I'm 56, what do you expect?